Freelance Business Bootcamp E-Book

Freelance Business Bootcamp ebook include a Workbook & ResourcesWant to learn to freelance like a pro, avoid scams, and earn a healthy income from your work?

If you’re thinking about going freelance — or wondering why your freelancing isn’t earning you much — this e-book is for you!

Success begins with setting up your freelance business right. With creating a solid business plan and marketing plan tailored to focus on your best opportunities.

The problem is, most freelancers skip all that. They dive in and take any and all work they find, at any pay rate. They don’t think of their freelancing as a business at all. Then, they wonder why they’re broke.

Neil Tortorella

Neil Tortorella

To help writers and other freelance creatives acquire the business basics for success,  I recently got together with experienced freelancer and coach Neil Tortorella to create a 4-week Freelance Writers Den bootcamp. It covered how to plan, launch, and grow a successful freelance business: Freelance Business Bootcamp.

This turned out to be one of the most practical, engaging bootcamps in the Den’s history! We provided concrete exercises that helped freelancers clarify the exact steps they should take to launch right and earn more.

Now, the Freelance Business Bootcamp e-book offers all the materials from that $200 bootcamp, in a handy, affordable format! The e-book also includes all the questions we got at the end of each live bootcamp session, and our answers.

Freelance Business Bootcamp gives you the benefit of our 40+ years of freelancing experience, and spells out all the critical nuts-and-bolts you need to start your business right — and keep it growing.

You’ll learn:

  • The top 10 ways freelancers get screwed — and how to avoid them
  • How to set up a freelance business from scratch and position it for success
  • Freelance contract basics — 20 common points and what they mean
  • How to deal with difficult clients
  • Negotiation tips to get you top rates
  • How to effectively manage freelance clients to maximize your profits

To help you use this info to build your own successful freelance business, Freelance Business Bootcamp comes with a 30-page Workbook for note-taking. It’s stuffed with self-assessment exercises, vital resource links, and templates for business plans and contracts that will help jump-start your freelancing career.

FYI, When you purchase, we send you a bundle of all three popular e-book formats with your purchase — PDF, Mobi and ePub. Read, use, and enjoy on the device of your choice.

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Early reviews for Freelance Business Bootcamp (the E-Book)

Deidre M. SimpsonI like how you explained the SWOT and business plan. Previous business advice I’d received wasn’t specific to freelance writers. I needed knowledge geared toward solopreneurs and services. Your book covers this beautifully.

I also appreciate your detailing every realistic disaster and how to avoid them, especially client management. Everything it takes to start once accepted is right there, something that can be scary if left to an inexperienced imagination. You tell exactly how to proceed.

For me, the best part was the convenience of this knowledge being in one place. I look forward to more of your books!

Thank you, Carol and Neil! —Deidre M. Simpson

Patricia Margaret BruceThis is an excellent book full of extremely useful information on everything I could think of and more. You both did a wonderfully thorough job and explained things very well. I loved the format and was surprised at just how much info was packed in there. —Patricia Margaret Bruce

Praise for my other e-books:

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Natalie Rotonda“Freelance blogging can be a lucrative career. In their book, “How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger,” Carol Tice, Annabel Candy, Sean Platt, and Greg Ciotti lay it all out for you. Do what they tell you, and sooner than you could ever imagine, you’ll be enjoying the life of a well-paid blogger.” —Natalie M. Rotunda, Business Writer

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.02.45 PM“Avoid a lot of mistakes and wasted effort by reading this book as soon as you decide to go freelance! Well-organized, easy to read, and chock-full of advice from four experts who cover everything from blog style to your writer website to networking to rate negotiation. I keep referring back to relevant parts as I develop my own business, and am exploring every link in it.” —Sabriga Turgon


Look inside

Need more info on what’s in Freelance Business Bootcamp? No problem! Here’s a download for you with the table of contents and a sample chapter:

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